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Thinking Schools Academy Trust

Following a successful consultation we are delighted to confirm that we have joined the Trust on 1st February 2021 to become the first school in the newly formed Thinking Schools Academy Trust South West hub. 

Further information will follow, however, in the meantime, please feel free to visit their website.

What does joining the trust mean to us? 

As student leaders at Plymouth High, joining the Thinking Schools Academy Trust has opened up extremely exciting possibilities for us. The opportunity to work with schools and students outside of our area fills us with eagerness at the prospect of being able to have an impact beyond our school, making a real positive difference. We hope that this will not only be able to help improve the student experience at Plymouth High from finding out what changes we can implement that other schools have been successful with, but also will allow us to have our voices heard with a broader outreach, suggesting things that we enjoy at our school. From our meetings with Mr Underdown, we have also understood that joining the Trust will accommodate a better funding model and have introduced a more efficient IT system that will further enhance the positive experience of students both in lesson time and outside of lesson time- contributing to better learning outcomes. We cannot wait to see all of the great things that being part of the Trust will bring, and we look forward to getting involved with other student leaders across the Trust in order to establish concrete relationships

The Head Student Team

Joining the trust has opened up many possibilities for the Earth Alliance as it has allowed us to reach a much wider audience and let us have a greater student leadership role to help influence others and make change on a wider scale to benefit our environment and community. Joining the trust has also opened us up to use new resources which we haven't had the opportunity to use before.

Joining the trust has allowed for opportunities that we could have never foreseen when applying to this role; it has and will allow us to engage with more people about a subject that is so important to us and the students at Plymouth High. Whilst this is very rewarding for us it also means that our actions have a much broader reach and will affect positive change around the country. The conference that we are hoping to host is just one example of this. 

The Earth Alliance Team