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We developed a specific Wellbeing curriculum due to rising levels of mental health issues and low levels of wellbeing noticed nationally and in our students.

We teach it in addition to our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum to specifically focus on the wellbeing of our students. We wanted to be proactive in support of our students and so did much research into other successful wellbeing programmes and strategies to help students support themselves. After a period of design and collaboration, we chose to centre our wellbeing curriculum around “mindfulness”.

The aim of this curriculum for our students is:

  • to build their resilience
  • to learn to deal with adversity much more positively
  • to get them to understand that learning from mistakes is good
  • to give them the tools and skills which allow them to flourish
  • to bring the work of our Learner Support Centre into the classroom
  • to enable our students to succeed in their studies and to leave Plymouth High confident and happy in themselves

We want our wellbeing being curriculum to be:

“A programme of study and a language that is used in order to facilitate the growth of the person in order to flourish in every aspect of their life”

Please belowto see full details of the course in our: Wellbeing Curriculum and Assessment booklet