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Student Council

Student council is a club which runs once a fortnight in room 16. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to come along if you want to take part or have ideas and suggestions! We also get questions given to us by members of staff who want a student voice opinion on school topics, and we are already seeing trust wide change as a result of our meetings. 

Once a term, our ideas are talked about in a Trust wide meeting – where student council leaders and board members work together to decide on actions based off each school's student voices. The actions decided from our last meeting, in March, can be found below. 

Trust Wide Student Voice - March 2023

Student leaders from across the Trust, met up with the Executive Board to discuss topics and collaborate on campaigns and ideas to implement into our Secondary schools. Below are the campaigns that we will be implementing at PHSG in this on coming year:

Taking Care of our Planet 
  • Ensuring recycling bins are around the school site in all trust schools. 

  • A campaign to show how we can all contribute to taking care of the planet, and what changes are being made around the trust. 

  • Ensuring LED lighting and efficient heating are being used where possible in refurbishments. 


  • Ensuring students are involved with the design of BYBS journals. 

  • Student councils to discuss BYBS journals in more detail. 

  • Talking with students about thinking tools and how they are being used. 

Food Services 
  • A meeting with Chartwells (our trust caterer) every month. 

  • By September, all trust schools will have no single-use plastic in canteens. 

  • From term 5, meal deals will include a drink. 



  • Increasing awareness of ‘We Are One’ events. 

  • Student councils to discuss the addition of charity representatives in schools. 

  • Ensuring student ideas for charities are being heard. 

If you are interested in taking part in any of the campaigns above, please come along to our meetings, or you are welcome to email me directly, my email can be found at the bottom of Mr Underdown's weekly message to students. 



6th Form - Lauren H:

For me, student council is a great way to give feedback improve the school, as well as making friends with those in younger years!

Younger years - Heidi S:

For me being in school council, is the feeling that you are doing something to help people close to your heart. I love all the meetings and especially when we talk about problems happening in the school and how we can resolve them.