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Student Council

The Head Student Team organise Student Council meetings at least once a term. Members of Student Council are selected from each year group and represent their year group’s views at the meetings. Agenda items are suggested by the Senior Leadership Team as well as the Head Students. Student Council is a useful way of gaining the view of the entire student body and consulting on changes or improvements to the school. A member of staff is attached to Student Council for practical reasons, but they play no part in the discussions. Student Council meets during the school day, so students involved are released from a lesson to attend.


6th Form - Lauren H:

For me, student council is a great way to give feedback improve the school, as well as making friends with those in younger years!

Younger years - Heidi S:

For me being in school council, is the feeling that you are doing something to help people close to your heart. I love all the meetings and especially when we talk about problems happening in the school and how we can resolve them.