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Staff & Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team


Simon Underdown

Mr Underdown joined PHSG in September 2019 from Churston Ferrers Grammar School.  He has been a senior leader since 2008 and a teacher for over 25 years having served in six different schools.  Mr Underdown is determined to ensure that our students have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience at school.

Deputy Headteacher

Shaun Willis

Mr Willis joined Plymouth High in 2016 from Notre Dame School.  He has been a teacher for nearly 20 years having taught in a wide variety of secondary schools. As well as taking the lead on developing Thinking, Teaching and Learning across the school, Mr Willis is also responsible for Thinking School Status and is our Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form

Alan Jenkins

Mr Jenkins has joined PHSG from Devonport High School for Boys in September 2021.  He is an experience leader with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Mr Jenkins is responsible for making sure that the quality of teaching and learning in the Sixth Form is of the highest standard.  He oversees all post Sixth Form learning applications including those for Oxbridge and all medical related courses.

Assistant Headteacher

Donna Roughton

Miss Roughton joined PHSG in 2008 from Lipson Community College. Before being promoted to the senior team at Plymouth High, Miss Roughton was an extremely successful Head of Mathematics at both Lipson and Plymouth High. She has been a teacher for over 20 years.  Miss Roughton is responsible for all the information we send home to parents around academic progress, she manages both internal and external examinations and she also writes the school timetable.

Assistant Headteacher, SENDCo & DSL

Samantha Payne

Mrs Payne joined PHSG in 1991 from The University of Exeter. She has been a teacher for over 28 years  and in that time has held a wide variety of teaching and leadership positions. Mrs Payne is responsible for ensuring that our students with additional needs receive appropriate support and guidance. Mrs Payne is also our Designated Safeguarding Lead and manages the support base.


Heads Of Department


Head of Art
Mr Tom Varrall


Head of English
Mrs Siobhan Blunden-Currie


Head of Mathematics
Miss Georgina Freeman


Head of PSHE
Mrs Catherine Lewin


Head of Physics
Mr Matthew Thackray
Head of Design & Technology
Miss Gemma Westaway


Head of Geography
Mr Leon Graves


Head of MFL
Mrs Heidi Walsh


Head of Religious Studies
Miss Tanya McAuliffe




Head of Drama
Miss Claire Crouch


Head of History
Mr Richard Mallard


Head Of Physical Education
Mrs Alison Pickles


Head of Science
Mr David Britz-Colwill






Heads of Year

Transition Lead 
Miss Shellie Joynes


Year 9
Mr Duncan Law
Year 7
Miss Tess Taylor


Year 10
Miss Zoe Boyle


Year 8
Mrs Fiona Banks

Full Staff List

Art Department

  • Mr Tom Varrall (HOD)
  • Miss Caron Roper
  • Miss Elena Brake (technician)

Business Studies (6th Form)

  • Mr Peter Goodchild


  • Mr Pete Richards

Design & Technology

  • Miss Gemma Westaway (HOD)
  • Mrs Penny Brown
  • Mr Darren Watson
  • Mr Eamonn Keating (technician)


  • Mrs Claire Crouch (HOD)
  • Mrs Chantelle Lawrence-Felton


  • Mrs Siobhan Blunden-Currie (HOD)
  • Mr Shaun Willis (SLT)
  • Mrs Ruth Readey
  • Mr David Rutherford
  • Miss Catherine Taylor


  • Mr Leon Graves (HOD)
  • Miss Zoe Boyle (HOY)
  • Mrs Katherine Nutter


  • Mr Richard Mallard (HOD)
  • Miss Kate Tomalin
  • Ashton Wright
  • Ms Luci Findlay

Law (6th Form)

  • Ms Luci Findlay


  • Miss Georgina Freeman (HOD)
  • Mr Simon Underdown (HT)
  • Miss Donna Roughton (SLT)
  • Mr Duncan Law (HOY)
  • Mr Pete Goodchild
  • Mrs Victoria Carter
  • Mr Pete Richards

Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mrs Heidi Walsh (HOD)
  • Mrs Anna Carter
  • Miss Elise Yarwood
  • Miss Bracken Brown
  • Mrs Jade Gilchrist


  • Mrs Kristy Marcer

Physical Education

  • Mrs Alison Pickles (HOD)
  • Mrs Lara Alford
  • Mrs Chantelle Lawrence-Felton
  • Mrs Emma Goolden
  • Mr Gary Payne


  • Mrs Catherine Lewin (HOD)
  • Mrs Sam Payne (SLT)
  • Various staff are trained to deliver PSHE

Religious Studies

  • Miss Tanya McAuliffe (HOD)
  • Mrs Fiona Banks (HOY)
  • Mrs Helen Brownbridge


  • Mr David Britz-Colwill (HOS) &(HOD-B)/(HOD-C)
  • Miss Shellie Joynes (HOY)
  • Mr Matthew Thackray (HOD-P)
  • Dr Charlotte Doddrell
  • Mr Matthew Davies
  • Mrs Philippa Hatfield
  • Dr Rob Van Es
  • Miss Annette Cook
  • Mrs Lynne Caddy (senior technician)
  • Mrs Helen Staddon (technician)

Extended projects

  • Mrs Sam Payne (SLT)
  • Mrs Catherine Lewin


Cover Supervisors

  • Mrs Rebecca Jagger-Rowden
  • Ms Nikki Barnett
  • Mr Jim Pearce
  • Mrs Joanna Landsborough
  • Mrs Rebecca Hoyte
  • Mrs Tess Taylor


Catering Department

  • Catering Manager: Mr Matt Comerford
  • Catering staff: Mrs Kelli Cole,  Mrs Amanda Holdsworth,  Miss Mel Mason, Miss Sam Wonnacott, Miss Kayleigh Rice
  • Mealtime Supervisor: Mrs Nicola Hunter, Mrs Janett Burdess 


  • Careers Leader and Advisor: Mrs Heather Longford

Data Management/Exams Team

  • Exams Officer: Mrs Julie Hardwick
  • Data Manager: Mrs Rachel Will

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

  • DofE Manager: Mr Gary Payne
  • DofE Assistant Manager: Miss Bracken Brown

Finance Team

  • Finance Officer: Mrs Tammy Jackman

ICT Support

  • IT Technician: Miss Sophie Chaffe
  • IT Technician: Kieran Moore


  • Librarian: Miss Anna Harris (Tues- Thurs)
  • Mrs Delia Heard (Mon & Fri)

SEND/Medical Inclusion Team and First Aid in A01

  • Learning Mentor and First Aid: Mrs Trish Simister
  • SEND and Medical Administrator: Mrs Helen Earnshaw
  • Learning Mentor: Mrs Sophie Lee

Office Team

  • Head’s PA: Miss Vicki Benwell
  • Office Manager and Cover Manager: Mrs Julie Johns
  • Assistant to Heads of Years 7-11: Mrs Jackie Straker
  • Assistant to Head of Sixth Form: Ms Karen Mills
  • Attendance Officer: Miss Barbara Osborne
  • Administration: Mrs Tess Taylor (HOY)
  • Resources & Admin Assistant: Mrs Liz Hore
  • Receptionist: Miss Gemma Shattock
  • Data Protection Officer: Mrs Kathryn Rogers

Site Support Team

  • Facilities Manager: Mr Darren Berry
  • Facilities Officer: Mrs Sarah Harris
  • Facilities Assistant: Mr Gareth Davies