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School Clubs & Teams

Extra Curricular PE offer

Our aim is that students at PHSG are inspired through their core PE programme to develop a lifelong
passion for physical activity in a broad range of activities.

In order to build on our curriculum offer,we run a range of extracurricular activities and clubs during lunchtimes and after school.
Each term there will be a different offer which can be seen on the clubs timetable- this will be
updated every term or half term. Students may want to attend clubs in order to further develop
their skills from their PE lessons. Alternatively they may just want to come to have fun. We
encourage all students to have a go.

Who can attend?

Clubs are open to all students. We encourage anyone of any ability to join our clubs. Participation is
very important to us and we would like everyone who is interested to take part.
Do students have to attend if they want to be considered for school teams?
Yes, the fairest way to select students for teams is to use our clubs and look at attendance. However,
if a student is unable to attend and would like to be considered for a team, we do review this on an
individual basis- for example, if a student trains with an external club at the same time. If this is the
case it is important the student speaks to the staff responsible for this club.

What should they wear?

Students wear the normal PHSG PE kit for PE clubs.

Do the clubs cost?

Yes, some of the after school clubs require a payment each week. This is included on the clubs
timetable. This is only where we have booked an external facility or external coach who delivers the
club. Those that are run at school, by a member of the PE department do not cost anything.

How do students get involved/ do they need to sign up?

Some popular clubs require a sign up per term, and students will get this information through their
tutors and in assemblies. For most clubs, students can just turn up and join in.

Lunchtime & After School Clubs

Please see below the clubs that are on offer to students throughout the year during lunchtimes and after school. Feel free to click on a club below to find out further information about it.