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Reporting Absence

Good attendance and punctuality are basic to success!

Research indicates that a 90% attendance rate equates to a student dropping a whole A Level grade

Reporting Absence

If your attendance is above 97%, then you may self-certify absence via email to or ring school phone Ext 05057, or text the sixth form mobile 07808768016.

If your attendance is below 97%, then all absences will need to be authorised by parent/carer and you will be expected to meet regularly with your tutor.

If your attendance falls below 90% you will be called to a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form and your parents to discuss a way forward.


  1. You must attend school when you have lessons and timetabled supervised study periods.
  2. Morning Tutorial: 
    You must register in person with your tutor in your tutor room at 8.40am
    If you are late for morning tutorial with your tutor, you must sign in at Sixth Form Student Services.
  3. Punctuality is viewed as an aspect of good personal organisation. Both attendance and punctuality will be commented upon in references for university and/or employment.  Letters will be sent home regarding unauthorised absence and poor attendance/punctuality records.
  4. At all other times due to Fire and Safety regulations you must sign in/out as appropriate in the “Signing in/out Book” at Sixth Form Student Services.
  5. All students should aim for a target attendance of 100%.  Students eligible for the School Bursary Fund require a 100% attendance rate to registration and subject lessons in order to avoid a reduction in payments and it is your responsibility to register and attend all lessons at the appropriate times. In addition, progression from Year 12 to Year 13 is dependent upon a very good attendance and punctuality record.
  6. It is most important for your progress that you do not take time off school.
    • You are not to arrange holidays during lesson time.
    • If you need to be off school during lesson time you must apply for ‘leave of absence’ (forms available at Sixth Form Student Services), stating your reasons, well in advance. Unless approved, absences will be recorded as unauthorised.  Permission for leave of absence cannot be granted retrospectively.
    • If you have an unavoidable dental/medical appointment or a driving test during school time you must sign out and back in again (as appropriate) at Sixth Form Student Services.  A Leave of Absence is required on these occasions.
  7. Students who feel unwell during the school day need to see the Head of Sixth Form or Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form for permission to go home.
  8. Only absence from classes for academic reasons to do with your courses (e.g. interviews, university open days) will NOT count on your absence record.
  9. You should not arrange Routine Medical Appointment during School time.