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Meet the Head Student Team


Verity T, Head Student

Hi everyone! I’m Verity, your new Head Student and editor of ‘Hear Me Out’!

I’m most looking forward to interacting with the students and the school to make a really memorable year. I can’t wait to take my own creativity on a journey as I curate various editions of the school magazine and I hope to encourage more people into reading it!

We already have lots of ideas for things to do, and I think my team will bring a really enthusiastic and positive energy to the school in 2024.  


Kitty H, Deputy Head Student

Hi, I’m Kitty, the new Head of Student Council for 2024. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of new faces at student council!

We already have such a good group, and I've been enjoying getting to know everyone.

My aim for 2024 is to maintain student council as a welcoming place where people feel safe to share their thoughts, so that we can make student supported changes for the better, and to inspire student leadership from the very start of the school experience. 


Frankie B, Deputy Head Student

Hi, I’m Frankie and I am so grateful to be your Charity and Wellbeing Lead for 2024. Throughout my time at PSHG, I have always looked up to the Head Student Team and I am thrilled that I now have the opportunity to give back to the school community for all the support you have given me over the years. I can’t wait to work with as many of you as possible to build the PSHG spirit of compassion, collaboration and community. 

I have big plans for the next 12 months! This includes setting up a Charity Ambassador group to coordinate fundraising events in school; creating a forum for chronically ill and disabled students to feel heard with regards to wellbeing and stress; working with other student leaders to find practical ways to promote wellbeing in exam season and so much more! 

Please do reach out with any questions, ideas or concerns- we are only an email away!


Ellathea, Deputy Head Student

Hi I’m Ellathea and I’m really excited to be one of the Deputy Head Students for 2024 as well as taking over as Head of Diversity and Inclusivity!!

I’m very lucky to be a part of the 2024 team, having only joined PHSG in September, yet I am already feeling incredibly welcomed and I’m super excited to start work with the amazing school community here!

I, in my time on the team, am looking forward to being able to provide opportunities that allow students to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion both within education and within the wider world. I plan to work with both upper and lower school to implement policies that improve understanding of diversity and allow student voice and ideas to be heard and then implemented.

By the end of my time in the role, I would like to have improved the school for students who may struggle with exclusion and prejudice based on their identities, allowing for long term positive changes.