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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

PHSG is marking Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January 2021

Here is a 3-minute video explaining about Holocaust Memorial Day and the theme for 2021: ‘Be the light in the darkness’


Please do one of these activities today to ‘Be the light in the darkness’
  1. ‘May Legacy Live On’ by Abbie and Farah
  2. ‘Be the light in the darkness’ article, Hear Me Out Autumn 2020 edition
  3. Survivor Stories - Holocaust Educational Trust
  4. Holocaust Memorial Day – Learning from genocide for a better future (a publication by Holocaust Memorial Day Trust)


This poem was written by HMD activity organiser Charles N Whittaker, about the transportation of people to the Auschwitz camp.  The poem has a rhythm which evokes the trains used to forcibly transport people to extermination camps during the Holocaust.

The semiquaver chugging of the train on the track

And the people on board who will never go back

And the terror in the eyes of all the young ones to go

With no one knowing as the train comes to slow


Those men at the station as the ramps drop down

Where humanity lost is the only crippled sound

Hope gone for those who stand behind the hard sharp wire

And the smoke in the towers rises just a little higher


And the blue ink stabs a little harder in the skin

Above the veins of despair where murder let it in

And the terror in the eyes of all those about to leave

Another train on the track no last minute reprieve


And the slow, crot...chet chugging of the train on the track;

And the people on board. Who will ne...ver go.