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Head Student Team 2022

Head Student

Esther Trend

Hello everyone! My name's Esther and I'm so delighted to be PHSG's new Head Student. We're so proud to have this opportunity to represent the school and we can't wait to put our ideas and projects into action, creating as many opportunities as possible for student's voices to be heard. We hope to continue to uphold the impressive reputation set by the previous HST by continuing to create a friendly and welcoming learning environment for all. We want to ensure that everyone feels a part of the PHSG community, we hope that our approachable characters will encourage students to reach out whether for advice about academic concerns, new ideas or just to have a chat. I still remember my first day of Year 7 and as a team we all understand how daunting it can be for younger students in a secondary school environment, so we hope to offer a friendly face of leadership making sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable whilst in school.

Within the team, my focus will be on the school's charity work. I will be working alongside the students to nominate the school's charities and will be organising exciting events to fundraise in support of them. More than just fundraising, however, I want to promote the idea that time can be just as valuable as money, an ethos which I'd love to keep seeing within PHSG. Additionally, I will be the leader for wellbeing, ensuring that we as a school advocate a safe, fun and comfortable learning environment for everyone so that we can all look forward to coming into school and really enjoy our time here. 




Deputy Head Student

Amelia Varley

Hi everyone ! I'm Amelia and I'm excited to be one of the Deputy Head Students for 2022. I'm looking forward to taking on the role as editor of the student magazine, Hear Me Out, and making it a place for all students to get involved with. I can't wait to start working with all the writers and artists and to make some great editions. 

Going forward, I'm looking to grow the magazine to include interviews with people who feel passionate about certain topics, or ex students who have achieved great things after PHSG. I'd love for the magazine to be a place everyone can be part of. I love writing and photography and I'm looking forward to working with people who feel the same! 

The magazine is a place for all creatives and I'm honoured to get the chance to develop this. 


Deputy Head Student

Kaitlyn Roberts

Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlyn, I am so grateful to be one of your Deputy Head Students for 2021. I’m excited to start working with the Student Council to develop Plymouth High even more and continue to create a fun, safe, enjoyable learning environment. Being the first external student on the team is an amazing opportunity for me and I cannot wait to work with students from across all year groups as well as the staff, especially because it is so vital that everyone gets involved with the Student Council to allow their voices to be heard. 

Over the next year I aim to continue the amazing work that Dominique has developed by making mental health a hot topic of discussion and finding ways to support our students through their journey at PHSG. Specifically around exams/ exam stress and the Covid situation because it can be an isolating and worrying time for a lot of students. I hope my own experiences can help play a part in our future discussions. My aim is also to get more of the younger years and the boys involved in the meetings so that even those who maybe aren’t fully comfortable just yet have the chance to make contributions to the group and become part of the student voice. I am so excited to hear everyone’s ideas and get started on this new journey.




Deputy Head Student

Christina Huang

Hi everyone, I’m Christina, and I’m pleased to be one of this year’s Deputy Head Students. I feel that it’s crucial for all students in this school to feel valued, accepted and educated on real world issues.

My role within the team is the leader of the Diversity and Inclusivity group. I plan to work with students to implement even more diverse and inclusive topics into the PSHE curriculum and to also show the positive outcomes of inclusion. This will be done through assemblies, display boards and in writing.

I also plan to help raise funds for inclusivity charities, as well as making sure that all students in this school leave with the willingness to accept the rights of others. I aim to ensure that the school environment becomes an even more inclusive space where students are always comfortable speaking up on issues and that their experiences are validated.