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Expectations and Dress Code


Studying for A-Levels is particularly demanding, we expect students to become responsible for a much greater percentage of their own learning during Sixth Form. Students must take the opportunity to undertake independent study wherever possible during their study periods in school, but also at home. At PHSG we expect our students to be studying for around 4 hours per week per subject outside of lesson time.

In return our students can expect a supportive and challenging environment that will encourage them to achieve their full potential. We will offer opportunities to explore all options available to them post-18. 

Summary of Expectations

All Sixth Form students will be expected to adhere to the following standards

  • Be responsible, independent and ambitious
  • Attend full-time
  • Take responsibility for their learning and engage fully in lessons
  • Meet all work deadlines
  • Respect staff and other students
  • Set a good example 
  • Follow the dress code
  • Make sensible use of school facilities
  • Follow the attendance procedure
  • Following the signing in and out procedure if leaving the premises during the school day

CLAW securing your future

Culture of independent study and guided specialist support

Learning and thinking about how I learn and revise best

Attendance being central to my success

Why am I here and what is important for me and my next steps? 

Sixth Form Study Centre (SFSC)

We expect students to be studying in school and so have provided a space to do this: The Sixth Form Study Centre (SFSC). We ask that students take pride in their environment and to keep the Sixth Form Study Centre tidy.  All furniture and equipment must be looked after. At the end of each day the floors and tables should be left clear and the kitchen area should be clean with all dishes washed. It is the responsibility of the Sixth Form to ensure that the room is well kept. Each one of our sixth formers is expected to contribute to this effort in the interests of all.

During break time sixth formers are free to use the SFSC to relax and have a break from the school day. We ask that they remain respectful of the school's and each other’s property and do not let noise get out of hand.

Eating and Drinking

Students may eat and drink in the SFSC:

Students MUST:

  • Wash up after themselves
  • Dispose of any rubbish
  • Return any cutlery or plates taken from the Refectory

Students MUST NOT:

  • Order food to be delivered to the school
  • Eat ‘fast food’ takeaways in the SFSC


Studying: 5-50-5

The Sixth Form Study Centre is to remain a place for quiet study during lesson time. There will be a zone reserved for supervised study sessions, whilst the rest of the SFSC will remain a quiet work area where the noise from one table should not impact the ability for others to work on surrounding tables. 

The model structure for your non-contact periods should be a 5-50-5 model where the first 5 minutes allow you to get settled and prepare for your session, followed by 50 minutes of study and the 5 minutes at the end to pack away and get ready for the next lesson.

Expectations Evening 

Expectations evening takes place at the beginning of every academic year. It is a chance for parents/carers to meet school staff; the Sixth Form team, subject teacher and tutors. Please see the link at the bottom of this page for this year's presentation. 

You can find the Sixth Form booklet and charter HERE

Dress code

Sixth form pupils can wear professional or smart casual clothing. Students must wear their lanyard so that it is visible while on the school site. We expect our pupils to understand what is appropriate for the school environment.