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Earth Alliance Group

Earth alliance group is a climate awareness group created by the students, for the students, to make the school and city more environmentally friendly. 

We have many aims which we would like to complete, not only on a school level but on a much wider scale throughout the academy, and we hope to influence other schools and our local community to go more green as well.

Watch this space for updates and goals that we will set for 2023.


Meet the Team

Hello, I am Joelyn, and I am one of the new Earth Alliance leaders of 2024. I am so grateful to be given such a wonderful opportunity to lead the school and advocate for our local environment.

I hope that while I am in this position, I will aid the school in its steps towards becoming eco-friendlier and more sustainable whistle making sure that any changes and improvements made will be long-term and help the Earth Alliance leaders in the upcoming years with their own aspirations.

For this year, we strive to continue Ella and Lucy’s, Our previous Earth Alliance Leaders of 2023, work. Such examples are reducing the plastic used and wasted in the school cafeteria, getting regular readings from our smart meters and then plan forward some actions we can take to decrease the amount of energy the school is using. We also would love to continue visits to Derriford hospital for litter picking.

My goal for this year is to raise enough money so that we can plant various shrubs around our school to decrease our carbon footprint. To raise this money, I wish to enrol PHSG into a ‘Sustainable Schools’ programme which will allow the school to raise some funds.

I am so excited to see what opportunities I will be given during 2024 and I also cannot wait to work with the rest of the school and those in the trust to improve our environment. Feel free to e-mail me: or give us a follow and send a text on the EA Instagram: @earthalliance.phsg




Hi everyone, I am Faye and I am one of the Earth Alliance leaders of 2024. I am really grateful to be given this opportunity to help make our school more sustainable and reduce the carbon footprint of PHSG. I would also like to create a greener space for learning and to spread the awareness about protecting the environment.

As an EA team, we will continue the previous projects such as using smart meters, litter picking in Derriford Hospital and spreading the ideas of buying second hand prom dresses.

My aim in this year is to reduce waste and energy usage in our school. I hope we can spread the ideas of energy conservation and 5 R concepts (refuse, reduce, reuse, replace and recycle) all over the Trust. Besides that, I would like to grow more small plants in classrooms along any windowsill which can make our school greener with fresh air.

I believe that if everybody makes a small change in their life such as using reusable bag, there will be a huge positive impact on the earth! Feel free to email me