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Dungeons and Dragons Club

Welcome adventurer, to the PHSG Dungeons and Dragons club. The campaign will contain around 1-hour sessions which will allow players to experiment with races and classes to find their preferred style of game. 

Only 5-6 players at a time on a first come, first served basis, please email Michael in Year 12 to secure a place or enter the waiting list. 

Wednesday Lunchtimes in M2.


Will use D&D beyond to help build your character sheets. It keeps everything online and in one place and gives step by step instructions on how to build a character and helps you decide who you would like to play as. We do start at Level 1 and I would recommend not using home-brew until you feel comfortable and if you do decide you would like to try it out, contact me and I help you with this. D&D isn't for everyone, hats a given. If you do feel like it isn't for you, please tell me and I can either try to help make your experience better for you or we can discuss your departure from the club. 

Experienced Players:

As you know every DM is different. You will be starting at level 1and please help out the less experienced players. If you want to try out home-brew you absolutely can. Just email the resources you use so I can vet them and make sure they can be added to the main campaign.

All players:

Please email me your character sheets. This will help me optimise the gameplay to give each player's character a time to shine. Please do not hesitate to as for help or advice. If you have any ideas on what you want to see in a campaign or season, let me know! It is a club for everyone. There will be rules for the back stories; nothing NSFW, nothing relating to abuse or drugs. 

Please note this club is a fantasy game, and they may be dark elements to the game which may include violence and / or mature content.