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Duke of Edinburgh Reviews page


Thank you for your time in arranging DofE, it has been such a positive experience for Esther and even more so in lockdown!

DofE Year 11 Silver Award (parent)

Can I just say a huge thank you to the school and Mr Payne who called us last night to say that he had spoken to the DoE Assessors about Freya, and they had agreed that she could still participate in her DoE assessment today.    His kind help with logistics this morning has also been a great help to me personally whilst I am still not well. 

DofE Year 10 Bronze Award (parent)

Hazel had a brilliant time last weekend and is looking forward to the actual one - thank you. Such a great opportunity for the girls.

Best wishes, Jenny (parent)

Thank you and the team for your support so far- Niamh thoroughly enjoyed her last three days (albeit now with tired legs) and said she has learnt  ‘loads’ and is certainly looking forward to doing it all again next week. Lovely to hear the weather didn’t put her off- but then she’s very used to being wet (as a swimmer)! I know this has spurred her on to want to tackle the Gold award too.

DofE Year 10 Silver Award (Parent)

Thank you so much for the help and support you have given me throughout my bronze and silver DofE journey - I really appreciated it!

Year 12 DofE participant

I am very grateful to you for all of your help, feedback and advice

DofE Year 10 Bronze award (parent)

Hello sir. I just wanted to say thank you so much for DofE this year. I know you had to keep rescheduling and reorganising because of Covid and I really appreciate that. You made it really fun and I am definitely thinking of doing silver

DofE Year 10 Bronze expedition (student)

That's brilliant, thank you! Yes I am definitely considering doing silver!

DofE Year 10 Bronze award (Daisy, student)

I would like to thank the school, and particularly Mr Payne, for all the effort put into running the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition this year. My daughter, Evelyn, had an amazing time and the experience provided well needed respite from the necessary constraints imposed as a result of COVID.

DofE Year 9 Bronze award (Surg Cdr Fry, parent)

Thanks for doing everything you’ve done to get DofE at PHSG to the dizzying heights it is today, you’ve done an amazing job and it’s been a pleasure to be able to help’.

Alan Dodd – DofE Operations Officer South West 

I’m sure she will decide to participate in Silver as she’s really enjoyed the experience. Many thanks for all your hard work coordinating it

DofE Year 10 Bronze Award (parent)

Dear Mr Payne

Thank you! I appreciate all the extremely useful help and guidance you’ve given me with my DofE

DofE Year 10 Bronze award (Dionne, student)

Thank you as ever for your help and continued support

DofE Year 10 Bronze Award (parent)

Thank you so much for all of your guidance with  this.

DofE Year 10 Bronze Award (Mrs Briggs, parent)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that you continue to do for DofE. It has been a really busy term and with multiple additional stresses within schools and colleges, your hard work to continue supporting DofE delivery doesn’t go unnoticed, it really is appreciated.

Vicky Day -DofE Operations Officer 

Matilda had a truly inspirational time. Thank you for everything. It was a perfect memory for her and her friends.

DofE Year 9 Bronze Award (Parent)