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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

 What do you do in DofE?

There are four sections;

1. Volunteering

Helping people/Community action and raising awareness/Working with the environment or animals/Helping a charity or community organisation/Coaching, teaching and leadership.

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2. Physical

Individual sports/Water sports/Dance/Racquet sports/Fitness/Extreme sports/Martial arts/Team sports.

3. Skill

Performance arts/Science and technology/Care of animals/Music/Natural world/Games and recreation/Life skills/Learning and collecting/Media and communication/Creative arts.

4. Expedition

Usually by Foot but can be by Bicycle/Boat/Canoe or Kayak/Wheelchair/Horseback.

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Residential (at Gold level only)

Service to others/Environment and conservation/Learning/Activity based.

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What are Bronze, Silver and Gold levels?


Year 9 – two sections for 3 months and one section for 6 months plus a two day/one-night local expedition eg South Devon.


Year 10 – one section for 3 months and two sections for 6 months plus a three day/two night more remote expedition eg Dartmoor.


Year 11/12 – one section for 3 months, one section for 6 months and one section for 12 months plus a four day/three night ‘wild country/mountainous’ expedition eg Snowdonia.

You are also required to take part in a Residential at Gold level – staying away from home for five days/four nights doing a shared activity with people that you don’t know.

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Why do DofE?

It’s ‘life-changing’! It’s fun, it builds confidence, resilience and leadership skills, gives you new experiences and challenges and gives you the ‘edge’ when applying for university or employment as it is recognised both nationally and internationally as the world’s leading youth scheme.

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If you complete your Bronze, Silver and Gold Award you will get to go to London to receive your Gold Award by a member of the Royal Family at either Buckingham Palace or St James’s Palace.

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How do I get involved with DofE?

Following DofE assembly promotions, students will be asked to collect a DofE letter/information pack which they can take home to discuss with their parents.

Students will then have their DofE place ‘created’ and will then be invited to the eDofE training to plan and submit their section activity plans under the guidance of their DofE Leader.

On-going support for DofE participants.

If students need any help, guidance or simply have some questions, they can contact their DofE Leader using their edofe account (send a message on their communication tab), by email or by seeing them face-to-face (Mr Payne in the PE office/Miss Brown in the MFL office).

Contact details

Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Payne – the DofE Manager at Plymouth High School for Girls at or Miss Brown - the DofE Assistant Manger at Plymouth High School for Girls at