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Belleplate Club, aka 'The Tinkerbells'

Due to current restrictions, we are not currently able to offer this extra-curricular activity. We will update this page as restrictions are lifted


Belleplates is a brand name of a musical instrument of the percussion family and Handbell sub-family. Consisting of a handle attached to a trapezoidal aluminium plate, struck by an attached hammer, they are something of a combination of handbells and handchimes.

This beginners group meet in Room 17 on Mondays between 2pm-2.30pm, there is no requirement for you to read music, please feel free to turn up and have a go!

A more advance group, 'The Bellissima' meet throughout the term, this is a belle plate choir group and is by invitation only. 

We play all types of music and we sometimes compete in local music festivals.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Walsh.