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Astronomy Club

Start off your weekends with a Big Bang!

Friday after school with Mr Thackaray in Lab 9 - All are welcome, no need to book, just turn up.

Take a look at everything in the universe beyond Earth's Atmosphere. Not only the objects we can see with our naked eyes, like the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars but also celestial objects, galaxies and phenomena. Use Maths, Physics and Chemistry in order to explain the origins and evolution. 

Students attend Astronomy club to learn new things about the world around us and explain natural phenomena's with science. Not only do they “find it interesting”, but attendees take advantage of the opportunity to learn new things that are outside the school curriculum.  

We asked one of the students why they thought astronomy had benefited them in a wider scale: 

“The club gave me a gateway into science and made me realise how much I enjoyed physics” 

The A level astronomy students told us that having done a GCSE in something before their other subjects taught them skills outside of just Astronomy. They learnt revision methods and practised sitting a larger scale test before they sat their end of Year 11 exams. 

Other attendees told us that coming to astronomy gave them a chance to challenge themselves and learn about thing they really find passion in, even if they are not planning on taking a GCSE in Astronomy.