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We want to give students a wide variety of experiences, techniques, skills and concepts. We introduce them to the knowledge of ideas and techniques from a wide spectrum of people, places and times, valuing contemporary practitioners and traditional. Equipped with this range, students will have plenty to work with when developing their own creative journeys.

Our Art curriculum aims to balance teacher-led imparting of skills and knowledge and the coaching and inspiring of student in individually-led projects. To support students in this move towards independence we have developed four key stages of a project. These four Assessment Objectives (AO’s) are similar to those used by the GCSE and A level Art specifications so it is valuable to begin working with them from Year 7. With repeated working with these four AO’s, students become confident in identifying their own strengths and weaknesses in their art projects and can focus on developing specific areas.

We intend, through our Art curriculum, to enable our students to:

  • Enjoy making in a wide range of disciplines
  • Develop manual control of materials
  • Communicating and sharing ideas
  • Provide opportunities to develop their Self (identity)
  • Play with options
  • Appreciate creative processes
  • Knowledge ofArt History and a selection of artists’ work
  • Define an idea through hard work to a high standard
  • Be confident in the running of their own project
  • Feel a sense of achievement in what they have created

Please see below to see full details of the course in our Art Curriculum and Assessment booklet