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Administration Of Medicines


Students are not permitted to carry medicines on their person unless specifically authorised to do so. 

While no staff member can be compelled to give medical treatment to a pupil/student, it is hoped that the support given through parental consent, the support of the City Council through these guidelines and the help of the School Medical Services will encourage them to see this as part of the pastoral role.

  • The Head Teacher (or their nominee) will only administer medicines prescribed by a doctor.
  • This form below should be completed by the parent, guardian or person with parental responsibility for the pupil/student and delivered with the medication to Mrs Earnshaw (or a nominated person), before any medicine will be administered.
  • The medicine should be in date and clearly labelled with:
    • Its contents
    • The owner’s name
    • Dosage and frequency
    • Name of prescribing doctor

The information requested, is in confidence, to ensure that the school is fully aware of the medical needs of your child.

If you would like to discuss any requirements in further detail, please contact Mrs Earnshaw;

Where such arrangements fail, it is the parents’ responsibility to make appropriate alternative arrangements.