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1:1 Technology

Mobile device information

Smart Device Acceptable Use Policy

Students may bring a mobile smart device into school should they wish, but it is not something the school requires for students to access their learning.

In response to our consultation, we have placed some restrictions on the use of smartphones/devices to help students maintain a healthy balance between digital communication and face to face communication.

Sixth Form students and staff

Sixth form students and staff are trusted to make appropriate decisions with regards to smartphone/device use, but we do have certain expectations.  Phones should be switched to silent and kept out of sight during lessons unless they are being used for the learning process. We insist that sixth form students do not use their phones/devices whilst walking around the school site for health and safety reasons. Staff are expected to set an example and follow the same principles as those which apply to sixth form students.

Outside of school use

PHSG endorses and supports the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance on screen use.  In particular, we encourage parents to ensure smart devices are placed outside their children's bedrooms at night. Having a period of time at home where smart devices are put away is a good strategy for inhibiting the semi-dependence that some young people have on their smart devices.

Parents should continue to be mindful about the amount of time their children spend accessing social media and keep communicating with them about the need to maintain a healthy balance of offline as well as online activity.