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Earth Alliance bringing Spring to PHSG!

Our Earth Alliance Team have approached our corporate DIY centre to donate plants for our student outdoor spaces. 

Earth Alliance’s goal is to become more sustainable and help aid in improving our Earth’s condition little by little.

We wanted to add a little colour to the grey undertones of the weather of late and add to the greenery around the school. We decided that we should reach out for donated plants and flowers that can not only help the school become more greener, but also lift the mood with the beautiful flowers and shrubs we have.

We approached our local B&Q asking if they had any plants that they would happily donate. Earth Alliance was delighted to receive a response agreeing to donate to the school, and we retrieved the plants from the store. We were super delighted at the wonderful variety of plants that they had available for us.

We ensured that the plants we used were from bulbs so that PHSG can see these flowers bloom every year, signalling a new spring. With these flowers, the Earth Alliance team have planted them around the concrete avenue as the courts are currently out of action. We hope that by adding these flowers we can make our outdoor space a more colourful, pleasant recreational area to enjoy as we head into Spring and Summer.  

We thank B&Q for their generosity, and we hope to collaborate with them in future projects.