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Bakers you have 30 minutes...

As part of the 150th school birthday celebration, students have been representing their Houses in the PHSG House Bake Off! On Thursday 21st March, Y11 & Sixth Form Houses competed in 'Chocolate Week' for a place in the 'Bake Off' final next term.

The Great 'PHSG History' Bake-Off is not just any old House competition; it's a flavourful journey through time, exploring the recipes that have delighted taste buds of students of old and that were passed on through the student-led school magazines. 

Two students were selected from each year group, for each House, and the winning house from each year will go through to our Bake Off final next term. For the selection process, House Captains invited students to bring in a 'signature bake' and students were selected to then represent their House and compete against their year group.

For the Y11 and Sixth Form bake off heat (or 'technical challenge'), the students had to follow a 1960s 'chocolate truffle' student recipe within a set time frame.

The 1960's recipes and methods have been extracted from our 1960's student magazines and will be used by the constestants to revive the classic recipes and showcase the timeless appeal of traditional baking. 

The heat got off to a flying start, with each pair of bakers using their teamwork to organise equipment, measure ingredients and converting the imperial measurements into metric!

It was great to see the varying approaches to 'biscuit sieving', with some bashing through the biscuits with rolling pins, with other's going for the more modern technique of the food processor. The students needed to use teamwork to ensure their truffles had an even coating and were at the right consistency. Students soon realised that rolling identical spheres, in shape and size, was perhaps not as easy as it looked!

All entries had to be presented at the gingham table before the clock ran out, with Temple House perfecting their presentation and waiting for the last possible seconds to race to get their entry to the table.


Our panel of judges, included Mr 'Hollydown' and Miss 'Prueghton', who judged the final entries based on taste, presentation, creativity, and the historical accuracy of the chosen recipe. 

Mr Underdown said:

These truffles are so good, they are worthy of being served as a dessert in a restaurant.

A huge thank you to Mrs Banks, who has been instrumental in organising and hosting this event! Thank you. 


We are delighted to announce that 11 Latimer and Sixth Form Temple are the winners of this heat, and they join Y7 & Y8 Anthony to compete in the final. Well Done Teams!


We look forward to seeing our Y9 and Y10 heats next, on the 18th April.