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PHSG Student and Class of the Week!

Student of the Week: Esther, 8A. For working tirelessly and with dedication and enthusiasm in her food and nutrition class. Nominated by Mrs Banks. Awarded 10 House points!
Class of the Week: Mrs Findlay's year 11 English class .  In the absence of their cover teacher, setting up a zoom lesson via one of their mobile phones and sitting, listening to Mrs Findlay teach the lesson from home. I was really impressed with their initiative and independence. Nominated by Mrs Johns.

Other Nominations:

Student of the week

Amy, 9LUS. ''For keeping on top of all her work during isolation and settling back into the class confidently.'' nominated by Mr Law; awarded 5 House points!

Andrea and Natalie, 9LUS. ''For volunteering to choreograph a dance and teach to the class in their next PE lesson.'' In Miss Luscombe's PE class; awarded 5 House points each!

Evie, 8A. ''For constant and caring support for a class member and friend, who regularly needs extra support.'' nominated by Mrs Straker; awarded 5 House points!

Kitty, 11BRN. ''Tremendous effort to improve her understanding of how to approach examination style questions both in lessons and during extra revision sessions..'' nominated by Mr Underdown; awarded 5 House points!

Class of the week

Miss Blunden-Currie's Y12 Tutor Group. ''For demonstrating integrity, kindness, and the ability to find meaningful solutions. And being good company, besides.''