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History News!

A level History Class participated in an inspiring lesson in studying the various Russian citizens and how they fared under the Tsarist regime.

Miss Tomlin's Year 12 lesson was enhanced yesterday by using role play to represent the different kinds of Russian citizens and how the Tsarist regime made an impact to their lives.  
Mrs Tomlain said:

In the lesson I took on the role of Olga, the peasant and three other students assumed characters too. So we also heard about Ivan (an industrial worker), Timoefi (a member of the middle class) and Sergei (a noble). Each character was interviewed by another member of the class to reveal information about their living and working conditions. 

At PHSG we are extremely proud of the imaginative ways that our teachers re-enforce their lessons, keeping the students engaged and the subject matter memorable. The students really enjoyed getting involved and it was a fun way to start a Monday morning off with a bang!

Here are our willing students who took part in the role play too! (who just happen to be some of our newly appointed 2021 Head Student Team!) Well done girls!