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Derriford Hospital and PHSG Earth Alliance collaboration

Earth Alliance and their Team have collaborated with Derriford Hospital, hoping to aid their journey toward becoming more sustainable.

Earth Alliance’s visit to Derriford to perform an intensive litter pick was completed successfully.  We took a total of seven students with us to clean up the hospital site with the help of hospital representatives, and amongst us, we picked up varied litter types.  Our team of litter pickers were exceptionally determined to pick up all of the litter even including more difficult and small items.

We carried out the litter picks in the Orchard, the herb garden and around the front entrance to the hospital.  It is clear that most of the waste produced isn’t hospital waste, but is food waste and cigarette paraphernalia that is unfortunately dropped on site by both patients and staff.  Cigarette paraphernalia in particular is known to be extremely toxic to the environment. However, it goes without saying that all litter will have a negative effect on the immediate environment of the hospital and also on people's perceptions of the hospital site.

We hope that our outreach to help Derriford Hospital will inspire other hospital site users to litter less and pick up any existing litter.  At the time we went out to pick up the litter, the site was very busy, so hopefully our message reached many people.  We aim to continue our collaboration with Derriford Hospital and Plymouth High.

By the Earth Alliance Team