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UKMT Senior Maths Challenge success

8 PHSG students took part in the UKMT senior Maths challenge in October and every single student who volunteered to take part achieved a certificate!

A huge well done to Megan (11K), HoFay (12T), Victoria (12T), Penny (13L), Abbie (12K), Holly (12K), Amy (12L) & Eleanor (13L).

Megan has been invited to the senior kangaroo round against other sixth form students and is currently only in year 11, an amazing achievement.

Another 4 students took part in an epic Olympiad in September with a 150 problem solving morning and all scored really well as well as showing great ambition and persistence on the day. 

The four students all did a great job but special mentions go to Matilda G in year 11 for achieving a merit and Megan B in year 11 for getting a distinction.

UKMT challenges continue this year with intermediate and junior challenges yet to come for our year 7-11 students to get involved with.

Miss Wakeling runs a weekly UKMT club on Wednesday lunch times and is happy to answer any questions about the challenges or the club.