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Year 7, and their interpretation of the Bunraku Puppet Theatre

Students in Year 7 have been learning about Traditional Japanese Music in lessons this term and ended this week with the students in 7A and 7L performing their final puppet shows, with all their wonderful props and music.

They started by learning about the theory behind Japanese modes and scales. We then focussed on Japanese theatrical music, in particular that of Bunraku Puppet Theatre. The students worked with the traditional Japanese Fable of ‘The Frogs’ which tells of a pair of frogs called Han and Jin who climb a mountain to see the city on the opposite side only to mistakenly look at their own city from the top.

The students blended their creative writing skills to rewrite the story into a narration; composed traditional Japanese music to accompany the story and made full size Bunraku frog puppets. This week the students in 7A and 7L have been performing their final puppet shows with all their wonderful props and music. This photo is of students in 7L.

From left to right:  Ruby, Evie, Joseena, Brooke, Kayley and Ida.