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PHSG students get a taste for teaching

Four of our Key Stage 3 students were challenged to lead on a primary engineering and Mathematics day at Mary Deans primary, where they worked with every single class in the school delivering their biscuit building challenge workshop.

Our student leaders learnt how to communicate with all the different age groups and were even part of the whole school assembly in the afternoon to summarise the engineering day.

They excelled at supporting the students with questions and encouragement, rather than telling them what to do.

Our students really enjoyed the experience and have learnt more about problem solving through delivering the sessions. We were very grateful to have been involved with the fun, and it was a warmly received return for Lauren who attended the primary school herself!

Lauren, 8T, said:

The experience at Mary Deans was amazing I loved the teamwork, ideas and creativity all put into the activity and I think it was a huge success proving how maths is applied in many ways and getting everyone to think differently. I also thought it was great how there were so many different approaches from all the different year groups.

Lily, 8T, said:

I had a wonderful time at Mary Deans and really enjoyed finding new ways to explain things and help the different year groups. I found it interesting how creative the task could be and the variety of solutions and answers. 

Carmen, 9L, said:

From the amazing experience at Mary Deans, I’ve learnt that even though maths usually has one set answer, it is possible to go even further with some questions and use problem solving skills to be creative and explore new methods. 

Lily, 9K, said: 

From the Mary Dean primary school visit, I have learnt the importance of both creativity and teamwork and how they both, although it may not seem like it at first glance, have a very important role in maths. I have also learnt how some areas of maths can have so many different ways of completing the task at hand, which does not often occur. Working with all the different year groups was really interesting, and seeing how, as the students got younger, their ideas became more creative. The most challenging part about the day was trying to stop the biscuits (which were used for the maths task) being eaten by the children!

Thank you so much for the experience, I really enjoyed it, please also relay my thanks to the staff at Mary Dean for accommodating us, and making us feel so welcome yesterday.

Thank you very much to Mary Dean Primary school for hosting this event and inviting our students in to participate in this valuable learning experience. - for life, not school, we learn!