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PHSG Celebrates Armed Forces Day

PHSG student cadets wore their uniform to school today in support of Armed Forces Day which is nationally celebrated tomorrow. 

Plymouth generally has a strong affiliation with the Armed Forces, being one of the main Naval Ports in the United Kingdom, and a long military history. It is unsurprising that many of our students, and staff, have a connection to the Armed forces, whether that being within their family, friends and colleagues. 

The students felt it was important to mark this day, here is what they had to say:

Lily, Year 8 (representing the Air Cadets ) said:

My family are a military family and it was important to me to wear my uniform to show respect to those who are serving. I am proud to represent the Armed Forces, and it was great getting to tell my friends about what I do. The cadets have given me some amazing opportunities, and it was really great to get to speak to them about my experiences and the badges I have collected whilst serving in the Air Cadets. 

Hazel, Year 8 (representing the Army Cadets) said:

I am proud to be representing the Armed Forces and feel that wearing my uniform today is a show of respect. 

Georgina, Year 8 (representing the St Johns Ambulance) said:

There are all types of different opportunities within the cadets. My family are also in the military and I will be representing the cadets in the Falmouth Armed Forces Weekend this weekend. I feel very honoured to be part of the celebrations.

Pheobe, Year 8 (representing the Marine Cadets) said:

There are so many opportunities in the Marine Cadets, we are based at Stonehouse and do lots of activities outdoors. It is so interesting. I am helping out on the Hoe on the weekend and feel very proud to represent the Armed Forces and respect those serving.