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Harry Potter Quiz 2023

On the 4th May, the library was once again packed with students from all years ready to take part in the Harry Potter Quiz.

This was PHSG’s 7th Harry Potter book quiz to celebrate International Harry Potter Day – a yearly event. Mr Goodchild and Chloe Dickson from year 9 hosted the very challenging, but extremely fun quiz.

The quiz consisted of three rounds: two general knowledge rounds and a picture round. The questions varied in difficulty. One of the easier questions was “Where does Harry first meet Draco Malfoy in the Philosopher’s Stone” and a much harder question was “Harry and Ron meet Aragog for the first time in the Chamber of Secrets. What does Aragog tell them is the name of his wife, who he was introduced to by Hagrid?” For the picture round, students had to guess the name of the spell that was being used in the film screen grabs.

After the rounds were completed, there was tension in the room as we awaited the answers and, more importantly, the announcement of the winners.

In third place came ‘the Quizards’, second place went to ‘Ministry of Mayhem’, and finally in first place… ‘THE MANTICORES!’. We also awarded a prize and certificate to the best dressed team ‘Potter the Ballerina’.

Hi it was a really great quiz I thought Mr Goodchild did a really great job of doing different challenge levels to make sure anyone could do some questions.

Poppy, 8L

I really loved the quiz the questions were brilliant (shame our team didn't win!) and the atmosphere was awesome. I loved the decorations, and our team will definitely be joining the next one as well! Thank you so much to everyone involved in the quiz I absolutely loved it.

Kayley, 7L

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the quiz, it was so good to see such enthusiasm for the books you love 😊 we were impressed with how much preparation went into your Harry Potter book revision and your Harry Potter outfits.