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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the week: Poppy, Year 12. ''For representing PHSG in the first ever Trust wide student council meeting.  Poppy shared ideas with students from all 21 schools in the Trust and hosted the student leader from Plympton Academy.'' Nominated by Mr Underdown. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the week: Active in Mind Group. ''For fully engaging with the Active in Mind project over the last six weeks and working so well with Annie Vernon our Olympic Athlete Mentor who has been in to school this week to celebrate their involvement. They have been enthusiastic and engaged and have all hopefully been learning some good habits of mind to help them in the future.'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden

Other Nominations:

Student of the week:

Eleanor Nicholson, 12BLU. ''For consistently producing high-quality class work and homework (excellent essay handed in 23rd Feb), undertaking suggested extension activities for English Literature, and managing high-profile and ambitious extra-curricular activities'' Nominated by Mrs Blunden-Currie. Awarded 5 House points.

Class of the week:

Biology 10P1, with Dr Doddrell. ''For excellent revision and whole class improvement on their recent test scores for Biology when it was a 3 chapter test.''