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Simba's PHSG achievements

As a popular visitor to the PHSG grounds, Simba seems to enjoy our PHSG culture and has put lots of similes on our faces. 

When he's not monitoring the visitor car park, informing us of new arrivals, or leisurely watching the PE lessons on the courts, Simba has been working hard to try and fit in and achieve his badges and awards. 

We are delighted that he has archived his 25 book reading badge, with the help of the English department and special tutoring by Mrs Blunden-Currie. He has become an ambassador in Psychology and has received a £25 gift voucher for being a 'TSTARS Super-cat' by getting the most mentions in his Professional Growth check ins. 

He has also smashed the achievement points leader board by being the only feline in PHSG history to received over 150 achievement points so far this year. 

A special award will be presented to Simba by our very own Headteacher for keeping us rodent free and keeping Steven 'Sea-Gall' in check this year. 

Only thing left, is for the 'Sorting Hat' to allocate a House team to him...