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Library Events

The Library has been full of activity this term for students, who have been enjoying the competitions and events hosted by our wonderful Library Team and Student Librarians. Here is a round up of some of the highlights.

Match the Selfie with the Shelfie

We had great fun trying to match pictures of staff with their book shelves. Some staff placed clues on their shelf but some didn’t, so this proved to be one of our most tricky competitions!

Congratulations to Evie 7L, Sonia, Freya and Ellen 9K (pictured) and Daisy 10L who all won a £5 voucher to spend at our Scholastic Book Fair.

Congratulations also to Anthony for winning the most House Points.


Shakespeare or Sheeran?

Do you know your William Shakespeare from your Ed Sheeran?

This was a very popular competition where students and staff needed to decide if a quote was written by William or Ed.

Out of 167 entries only 34 got them all correct!

Well done to Kendall for getting the most House Points- a total of 99!


Blind Date with a Book

One of our favourite events in the library, encouraging students not to judge a book by its cover.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, students were given the chance to go on a ‘Blind Date with a Book’. A large selection of fiction books were carefully selected and wrapped in brown paper to conceal their identity.

Once they had chosen a Blind Date book, students were given a ‘rate your date’ book mark that they could fill in when they had finished.

The main aim of the activity was to give students an opportunity to read new things and try new authors. There are plenty of excellent books in the library that get overlooked because of a less attractive cover or because students have not heard of the title or author.

This activity enabled you to try a book that you might not have picked up otherwise.