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PHSG supporting LGBT+ History Month

The 1st February marks the start of our forth #WeAreOne event of the school year! Throughout the month, our students will explore the rich history of the LGBTQ+ community and their journey to achieve their rights today.

We have a number of events and activities planned across the month.  As always, students can decide if they would like to be involved in the extra-curricular activities at lunchtime.
  • Assembly managed and led by our Head Student Team
  • Mufti day ‘Be you event’ on 10th February 2023, fundraising for the Just like us charity 
  • ‘I am beautiful because’ event in the library run by Head Student Team
  • A debate around the current issues relating to LGBTQ run by our debating lead, Eleanor, who is in year 12
  • LGBTQ themed lunch on 23rd February
  • The library team will produce a recommended reading list based on LGBTQ themes. 

#ProudtobeTSAT #WeAreOne #LGBTQHistoryMonth22

Students can head over to the library to check out the new display on LGBT+ figures of History. They Have also put to gather a recommended reading list based on LGBTQ themes, see below.