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Year 13 Medicine applicants for 2021

We are delighted to support five of our students in applying to study Medicine this year.

Applications for Medicine (as well as veterinary science) have to be submitted by October 15th and this year five of our students have chosen to study Medicine. The grades needed to study medicine are very high, typically all A grades, even some with an A* so we wish the candidates all the very best in their studies. Several of them also have to now do entry assessments (BMAT, UKCAT), the scores of which are used to select those to call for an interview. Medical school interviews are demanding and can vary hugely. Some are a series of 5 minute scenarios, others the more traditional longer question and answer style. We wish the 5 candidates all the very best with their applications and will continue to support them in getting the high grades they need.

Dr Doddrell is our specialist for Medical applications so if anyone is interested in applying in the future please do speak to her.