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Oxford and Cambridge applications for 2021

We are delighted to support nine of our students in applying to Oxford and Cambridge this year.

Their applications had to be submitted by October 15th, and several of them also have to do an extra entry assessment in early November. The A Level grades they will need to get are not only all A grades but usually with at least one A* too. We are impressed by the wide range of subjects they have chosen to apply for – Chemistry, History, Human and Political Sciences, Law,  Maths, and PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics). Each of these students has worked hard to gain very high predicted grades as well as working beyond their A Level subjects, using their initiative to read around their subject. We wish all the Oxbridge candidates all the very best as they wait to hear if they have gained an interview in early December.

If any student is interested in applying to Oxbridge in the future, please do speak to Ms Eales-White for advice.  Better still – be curious, be independent – pursue your favourite subject outside school.