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SPARX Year 11 Success

Year 11 have been completing their independent learning in a different way all year with overwhelming success on the new SPARX platform. 

Students and families have been positive about the changes with 86% of year 11 students claiming this is the best way to learn Mathematics at home as part of their student voice survey. The year group rated it as 4.4 out of 5 for being user friendly and 4.1 out of 5 for helpfulness of the support videos. Students have been particularly pleased with how the difficulty is suited to match each student individually whilst all studying the same GCSE topics.

We have been extremely proud of the way that the year 11's have adapted and embraced the challenge of getting 100% correct each week and as a year group they have appeared in the top 10 of the national SPARX leader board 3 times already this school year. 

Within school prizes are available weekly for individuals for XP points as well as whole classes for all scoring 100%. 11p1 have been the most successful class this term and special mentions go to Lexie H and Rebecca E who have both accrued over 10,000 XP points each. 

The XP points and helpful videos mean that overall doing your Maths homework seems like a task I can definitely do each week

The games are a fun reward at the end but mostly it feels like I have really understood the topics without getting stressed

SPARX will play a vital part in supporting all of year 11 with their weekly revision homework in the new year and we look forward to celebrating the successes of all students meeting their 100% target every Wednesday again from January 4th.