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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the week: Elizabeth, 9K. ''For helping the site team collect rubbish from the courts at the end of lunch. Rubbish left by other students. She showed selfless and considerate behaviour and lovely manners.''  Nominated by the Gareth Davies. Awarded 10 House points.
Class of the week: 13A Core Maths. ''Having missed so many Monday lessons this term for one reason or another, they have made this time up with extra lessons with me in my free lessons as well. Outstanding commitment to their learning.'' Nominated by Miss Roughton.

Other Nominations

Student of the week:

Lils, 11K. ''For excellent language analysis in English Literature.'' Nominated by Miss Taylor. Awarded 5 House points.

Imogen, Y11. ''For taking on board all the feedback and actively pursuing the improvements in her coursework slides.'' Nominated by Mrs Young. Awarded 5 House points.

Class of the week:

10P PE Class. ''For showing so much enthusiasm and effort during our Ryder Cup style Badminton tournament this week. They are a real pleasure to teach.'' Nominated by Mrs Luscombe.

10P/En2 English Class. ''For excellent group presentations on the characters in Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet. '' Nominated by Miss Taylor. 

Y12 RS Class. ''For excellent research and then debating skills on the topic of the legalisation of euthanasia.'' Nominated by Mrs Brownbridge.