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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the week: Caroline, Year 13. ''For organising the sixth form prefects for the open evening and being a star in helping out'' nominated by Dr Doddrell. Awarded 10 House Points.
Class of the week: Hummingbird Team. ''For coming 18th in the International Final, exemplary behaviour throughout the weekend. Off the scale levels of resilience, resourcefulness, and refection and overcoming personal battles to get there.'' Nominated by Mr Thackray and ''For being the perfect ambassadors for the school, working hard to compete against an international field of students and being absolutely wonderful company.'' Nominated by Mr Graves.

Other Nominations:

Student of the week:

Robyn, Year 9. ''for a huge focus in Maths this half term. Robyn always tries hard, asks for help at the right times and has made superb progress in Maths this half term.'' Nominated by Miss Freeman.

Class of the week:

9K Science with Mrs Hatfield. ''For their excellent research into the history of the atom.''

11H1 Maths Class. ''For a week of focus and effort covering quadratics with everyone working at a grade 7 or 9 standard by the end of the topic.'' Nominated by Miss Freeman