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PHSG Student and Class of the Week

Class of the week: 8K Geography Class: ''For fantastic Europe countries research homework. A great deal of effort and thought gone in to all of them.'' Nominated by Mrs Nutter

Other Nominations:

10A RS Class: ''For their maturity and insight in approaching their first 12mark question'' Nominated by Mrs McAuliffe.

11A GCSE PE: ''For quickly adjusting to my teaching style after a year with Mrs Alford who they were disappointed to lose. They are engaged, motivated and fully committed to achieving grades they will be proud of. They have joined clubs inside and outside of school to improve their grades  and are revising hard for their upcoming mocks. They are a pleasure to teach.'' Nominated by Mrs Goolden.

Katie & Evie, Year 7: ''For offering to help me carry paper over from the LRC.'' Nominated by Mrs Earnshaw.