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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the week: Esther, 9A. ''For planning and running a new project in Textiles Club.'' Nominated by Miss Westaway. Awarded 10 House points. 
Class of the week: Year 10 Silver DofE Group. ''For completing 6 days of training, practice and assessed expeditions to pass their Silver Expedition section of their Silver Award. Three days of hard training on the Eastern edge of Dartmoor on 6th-8th May followed by three days of assessment on the Western edge of Dartmoor on 10th-12th June. The groups all managed to navigate their routes independently of staff, carrying expedition rucksacks, wild camping at two different sites on Dartmoor, cooking their meals and generally having lots of fun – all without mobile phones! They were all fantastic and should be proud of their amazing teamwork, resilience and determination to complete their Silver Expedition!'' Nominated by Mr Payne

Other Nominations:

Student of the week.

Megan, 9K. ''Phenomenal enthusiasm and effort throughout Year 9 - a force of artistic nature! Her sketchbook is something to behold, demonstrating her curiosity, skills and determination to push herself and her work.'' Nominated by Mr Varrall. Awarded 5 House points. 

Eliza, 8T. ''For near perfect scores in her French and German assessments.'' Nominated by Mrs Gilchrist. Awarded 5 House points. 

Class of the week:

7L Drama class. ''For excellent organisation and leadership. They were given a complex task and displayed great control, friendship and a sense of community to ensure involvement of the whole class. Well done, 7L!'' Nominated by Miss Readey

7x/Te1 Food and Nutrition class. ''They have given up part of their lunchtime to finish making their pasta and sauce without complaint, and have then cleaned up to an excellent standard afterwards.'' Nominated by Mrs Brown.