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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Class of the week: Silver DofE Team. ''For their outstanding efforts last weekend. They completed three days of gruelling walking on Dartmoor, camping overnight on the Friday and Saturday. They learnt a range of skills from navigating with a map and compass, First Aid, Emergency Procedures, use of radios, cooking and other camp craft skills. They persevered on some very challenging terrain and overcame tired and sore feet to complete the three days of training in preparation for their Qualifying Expedition in June – they were all fantastic and a credit to the school, their families and themselves!'' Nominated by Mr Payne

 Other Nominations:

Class of the week

7K English Class with Miss Readey. ''For their outstanding effort, enthusiasm and creativity. They were tasked with creating their own dramatic interpretations of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as part of their Shakespeare unit this term. They were so enthusiastic that we booked out the Newman Hall and created their very own Drama performances, complete with dramatic exits and entrances (and an original composition of a theme song)! They wrote all the scripts, created all the costumes and performed to the rest of the class with such vigour and positivity, they were all a joy to watch. Well done, 7K!''

10D GCSE Art with Miss Roper ''For being an incredibly hard working and awesomely creative bunch!''

Year 12 Young Enterprise ''For competing in the Young Enterprise county final and winning the best company award for Devon. They have worked very hard to get to this stage!''