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Year 11 Chemistry Experiments

Exciting practical demonstrations took place in Year 11 Science class this week to consolidate their learning. 

Mrs Hatfield's Year 11 Chemistry class had great lesson full of practical demonstrations to help them consolidate the theory that they have been learning throughout the year. 

The lesson was set out in different stations and Mrs Hatfield demonstrated some of the different reactions which they have been learning. 

The practicals included the 'Magic Wand', which demonstrates the spontaneous ignition of ethanol, and the 'Flame Test Technique', which can be used to identify some of the metal ions, comparing alkali metals and alkaline earth metals. 'The Screaming Jelly Baby' was a firm favourite with the students, which involved putting a jelly baby into moulton potassium chlorate to show the oxidation of the sugar with a high-pitched scream during the reaction.

It was great to see the students visualise and predict the different outcomes of the reactions in the demonstrations. A great lesson to finish off with before heading into their final studies before their GCSE's start later in the month. 

We wish all our students the very best of luck in their up-and-coming exams.