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Festivals return to Plymouth High

PHSG were delighted to welcome the return of the end of term festivals last term, and we kicked off with the legendary Gym and Dance Festival.

It has been a long tradition at Plymouth High School for Girls that a festival takes place at the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Term, to showcase our students talent and is a highlight for the Houses to earn substantial points to contribute to the winning of the House Shield at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed by Covid 19 and the nature of the festivals, we have been unable to hold this event since Autumn 2019! 

The student House Leaders and Captains organise and plan the performance's for their Houses. They create their scripts, recruit and organise their performers for the House and run the performance with regard to music, props and costumes. Hours of practice and rehearsals goes into making the festival run smoothly and successfully, the Houses are awarded points for all aspect's of the production, not just the individual performances. 

The festival is watched by the whole school and judged by an independent panel. The Winning House is announced in the end of term assembly and awarded the prestigious Festival Trophy which is prominently displayed in the school Trophy cabinet.

The winning House for 2022 Gym and Dance Festival is....


The return of the festivals is welcomed back to Plymouth High with open arms. Many of our students were yet to experience this tradition and the buzz around the school was electrifying, with new students being able to showcase their talents and extra points for their Houses. 

Here are a few highlights below: