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Year 7 Active Devon Team Building

This term Year 7 took part in a team building day at Killerton House in Exeter, Ruby D, 7L has reported on the days's activities. 

A report on the activities by Ruby D 7L.

Scavenger hunt

Firstly, we started off with a scavenger hunt with a twist, certain flags, were hung among trees and rocks, and we had to find 72 of them! Getting out our flag notebooks we split up and ventured to find them. At the end, we all met up, and we had found 70 flags in total we had won with 70 flags found! Then we all sat down and had a quick snack break.

Team building

Secondly, we did team building first with Ben and Noah and me and Darcie sat on a bench while we waited for the others to go to the loo, then we did a bean bag toss game and we had great fun, we kept adding beanbags in when we caught them when we said everyone one's name without dropping them. We also did a hula hoop challenge where we had to try and get them over and under us which we did with Ben and Noah it was really fun, then we did this helium kind of metal bar challenge it was quite difficult to be able to only use one or two fingers. Then we did the gutter ball game which we have done in camping previously, so it was quite easy for us, and we did it around a tree as well. Then we had a lunch break.

Den building

Our very last activity was den building we tried our best at this activity, but we didn’t have much time we used a curvy stick for the roof and little sticks that look like trees for the garden, we were making a little house for Perry the Mascot.

A great day was had by all and we really enjoyed the fun activities and especially the hot chocolates at the end.