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Introducing the PHSG Art Captains

Every year we select a team of outstanding A Level art students to represent the art department by running art club, competitions and supporting the Art Department to create amazing displays of artwork.

This year we are delighted to introduce Anje B, Eva D and Xin C who have stepped up to the challenge. They look forward to welcoming you to Art Club on Friday Lunchtimes in A41! 


Hi I’m Anje! My role as art captain revolves around the social media side of things, so I’m in charge of the Instagram account “@phsg_art”. Stay tuned for any art-related updates on there!    

I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite artist, but I’ve narrowed it down a bit: Eric Lacombe, Egon Schiele, Florian Nicolle, Tami Muedinova and Andrew Salgado- I studied a few of these artists at GCSE and their work just stuck with me. In terms of what inspires me… same story really: I try to take note of anything that looks cool.   

I can’t wait to see loads of new faces at art club! Art students really are some of the best people out there, just saying. I’m not at all biased I swear.   



Hi everyone! I am Eva and I’ll be a part of your Art Captain team for this coming year! Just a few things about me, I’ve always been interested in Art from a very young age and have carried on this passion throughout my life up and till now, from painting hand turkeys to my current A Level project. For my GCSE Art project my whole message behind it was body positivity and self esteem issues within women and therefore raising awareness for that topic. To show my passion for this cause, spreading awareness of self esteem issues within the female community, I produced a large acrylic painting to fully show ‘Our Bodies are all Unique!’

Currently I am taking A Level Art as one of my subjects and have chosen the topic of ‘Illusion’ for my project this year, which includes cool and crazy photography and trippy editing! So I am looking forward to explore a different creative side to my Art in the up and coming years!

Art has been and still is my favourite subject and I have a large passion surrounding the whole art world therefore would love to share this passion with you all to create some really great Art and help each and everyone of you explore your creative side!

Myself as well as the rest of the Art Team will be around school throughout this year to help aid anyone that would like some help on their art as well as help on ideas for their up and coming projects this year! Hope to see you all in Art Club on Fridays! 


Hey, my name is Xin, and I am one of your art captains. I am in year 12 and I'm currently taking art for a level (I’m also taking Biology and Psychology). Although I'm an art captain I focus mainly on events and competitions and organising events for you guys to participate in and enjoy so look forward to fun, creative, exciting events in the future. To give you some random context about me, I was born in Plymouth but grew up in Cornwall and my family is mainly Chinese and come from Malaysia. 

The reason I wanted to be an art captain was because I wanted to challenge myself and explore art more and spread the fun and therapeutic side of it to others specially to people who are interested in art whether it is something they want to pursue or something they want to do for fun. It’s a way for people with similar hobbies to come together and ease their mind with something that could be more abstract/ free and something where you can let loose of stress, worries or anything and just be present in the moment. It’s not just about the outcome of it and the appearance but also about the process of it and the social opportunities surrounding it within the club. It’s a great chance to go with your friends, meet new people and/or create art that you are proud of. 

Come along! Eva, Anje and I will welcome you all and greatly appreciate it if you joined.

Left to right: Anje, Eva and Xin



Art Club is a lunchtime club where you can have a go at some fun arty activities. It is open to anyone who would like some extra time outside of your art lessons to be creative and meet friends with similar interests. Our activities are usually tailored towards Year 7s, however we do welcome students from other years to join us if you love art! Art Club takes place on Friday Lunchtimes in A41. Have your lunch first, and then make your way up to begin at 1:50pm. If you need a lunch pass you can collect one from Miss Brake in the Art Office. 

We look forward to making some art with you soon!