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Year 13 wellbeing afternoon

Year 13 took part in a wellbeing afternoon on Wednesday 2nd February.

'Having a break from school or work is always beneficial, especially when it has been particularly stressful, like during the mock exam period we just had. The sixth form bowling trip was an opportunity for many of us to take a well-deserved break and relax for an afternoon. Some students chose not to go bowling also, which meant they had an afternoon to focus on themselves and not to worry about school. 

Everyone that went enjoyed the bowling, and it was a really nice chance to laugh with each other and chill out after mocks. It was even better that it was free for the students and completely school funded, which was another relief for us all. 

It was important to do something together, especially after the roller-coaster year 12 and 13 have been so far for all of us, with lock down and isolations and any other unforeseen circumstances. Overall, it was very fun and came at the perfect time.' 

Yazzmin H (Yr13)