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Youth Parliament elections

We are delighted to announce that three PHSG students have been shortlisted to represent students across Plymouth in this year's Youth Parliament. Voting takes place in schools throughout this month. 

What is the Youth Parliament?

Plymouth Youth Parliament enables young people aged 11-18 years across the City of Plymouth to come together once a week to enable us to use our energy and passion to change the world for the better.

Plymouth's students will elect two Members and two Deputy Members of Youth Parliament, which takes place every February. Candidates campaign on an issue important to them such as mental health awareness or job opportunities. Elections are then held in all secondary schools and colleges across the City and young people vote for whom they would like to be their new representatives for the year. 

PHSG Candidates


Reduce violence against women and gender imbalances.

Hi, I'm Sofia, my campaign is to reduce violence against women and gender imbalance.

1 in 3 women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime and regrettably 1 on 20 children will experience it before their 18th birthday.

In Plymouth recently, we have seen a rise of violence against women and I want to reduce this through my 3 main points; awareness, action and attention.

Of course, I want to focus on gender imbalance too, because 49% of male domestic abuse victims don't speak out. I also want to reduce the stigma around men's mental health.

I want this to make a real difference and i want you all to be involved. No matter what, gender-based violence is intolerable and must be stopped. 

  • Awareness - organise events like workshops and protests and work with MP's and young people make a national difference to bring awareness to gender imbalances.
  • Action - meet with the police and demand safer streets and investigate the training on the topic to make sure that it is young person friendly.
  • Attention - break serotypes around masculinity and draw attention to men's mental health and male domestic violence.
What attracted you to apply for the Youth Parliament?

I have known about the Youth Parliament for around 5 years, I heard about it through my mum and thought it was a great way to make a change and for young voices to be heard. I have thought about applying over the past coupe of years, but this year I felt ready and am passionate about my campaign.

What made you choose your campaign's subject?

I am very passionate about gender imbalance and following the events that have happened in Plymouth over the past 12 months I believe that alot needs to change in Plymouth to help young people feel safe.

How will you go about making a change?

I plan to raise awareness about the issues and seek solutions through workshops, I want all school across the city to be involved. I then will take the plans and ideas to the MP's who can influence the change. 

Why should students vote for you?

I believe that I have the experience and passion for this campaign and am determined to make a change. My experiences give me an edge, I am driven and am ready to push myself to make a difference to young people and be their voice. 

What advice would you give students who were thinking of applying for the Youth Parliament in the future?

Get involved in groups, I am also a member of the Young Safeguards and it really helps to build your confidence and become passionate about making a change. Groups will also help you make links and connections with the council and MP, who can help you in getting your voice heard.




Making uniform rules comfortable for all body shapes and gender identities.

Hello, I'm Lydia, my campaign aims to enrich young peoples experiences in education by making school uniforms more body positive and inclusive for all gender identities and body types.

The matter is important to me as I believe that many young peoples experiences are affected negatives by having to fit certain uniform boundaries and therefore compare themselves due to the restrictive nature of the uniform and lack of choice.

All bodies ar different and general school uniforms do not account for this.

Students can feel isolated as they feel like their body doesn't fit the perceived nor. I am to make all students feel comfortable in their own skin, instil confidence and enhance our school experience. 

  • To make sure uniform is inclusive to students of all gender identities by introducing unisex and feminine clothing and for all.
  • To make students of all body types feel comfortable in the learning environment by adopting body positive fitting uniform.
  • To support and make the school environment as positive as possible, have teachers fully onboard enforcing the importance of student's confidences.
What attracted you to apply for the Youth Parliament?

I had previously applied, however the timing wasn't right for me at the time. I was completely inspired ably the 'make your mark' campaign that Dominique (a previous PHSG student who was a member of YP) was part of a couple of years ago. 

What made you choose your campaign's subject?

My own personal experiences. I believe that uniform should enhance our school experience and we should feel comfortable and be in a confident mindset when learning. 

How will you go about making a change?

I think that every school across the city should have a unisex uniform option. At the moment not all schools uniform options are the same, it's like a 'school lottery' on how comfortable you feel in your uniform and what options are available to you. 

Why should students vote for you?

I am very passionate about equality and making a positive difference to students. Learning is affected when you are not feeling confident, and I think all students deserve to feel comfortable in the school environment.

What advice would you give students who were thinking of applying for the Youth Parliament in the future?

Give it you all and don't hold back. You can absolutely make a difference.



Ensuring better support for young people with mental health

My campaign is on the reformation of our school education system.

I believe that too many people are suffering because they don't have the right support they need.

The wellbeing of young people due to a poor educational system is worsening rapidly. 47% of us suffer from poor mental health.

Education pushes us excessively in areas where our passion doesn't lie and denies area where we could shine.

Schools focus more on our methods of self-expression and focus lesson our unique journeys in this world. This isn't ok!

  • Ensuring the curriculum reflects the increasing issues of mental health and ensure young people understand the impact, stigma and consequences for people.
  • Better support and help to access help and treatment required.
  • Schools need to listen and understand and ensure all students get support to fulfil their potential.
What attracted you to apply for the Youth Parliament?

It gives me the platform I need to give us young people a voice. 

What made you choose your campaign's subject?

By seeing the different types of metal wellbeing of my fellow students, I felt that mental health is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

How will you go about making a change?

I will work with mental health charities to be more available; I will help spread awareness through media (and more), and spread awareness in schools.

Why should students vote for you?

I want change, to give an opportunity to young people who are usually silenced, to speak.

What advice would you give students who were thinking of applying for the Youth Parliament in the future?

Speak on something you are passionate about, do research and take advice.


The candidates have been shortlisted by Plymouth City Council to 12 students from all schools across the city, and we are thrilled that we have 3 PHSG students in this year's shortlist! An assembly was held at PHSG last week and our candidates spoke about their campaigns to win student votes. The final date for election votes is the 28th February.

We have some great contenders and we are hopeful that our students will secure the votes they need to be selected for this year's Plymouth Youth Parliament. 

For further details regarding the Youth Parliament, please click here.