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UKMT Maths Challenge

PHSG students have taken part in the UKMT Intermediate maths challenge this week.

The United Kingdom Mathmatics Trust (UKMT) held a series of international challenges to promote a love of problem solving. PHSG students were entered into the Intermediate Level Mathematical Challenge, which is a 60-minute, multiple-choice online Challenge.

It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

The problems on the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge are designed to make students think. Most are accessible, yet still challenge those with more experience. We will find out next week on how our students did, however here's a taster of the questions they faced. 

Q1. What is the difference between 40% of 50% of 60 and 50% of 60% of 70?
A. 9          B. 8          C. 7          D. 6          E.5


Q2. Pete' pies all cost an integer number of pounds. A cherry pie costs the same as two apple pies. A blueberry pie costs the same as two damson pies. A cherry pie and two damson pies cost the same as an apple pie and two blueberry pies. Paul buys one of each type of pie. Which of the following could be the amount that he spends?
A. £16          B. £18          C. £20         D. £22          E. £24


Feel free to have a go! We will let you know the answers next week!