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PHSG Student and Class of the week

Student of the week: Kitty, 9K. ''In English for writing an astounding persuasive letter with beautifully formal phrasing and a sophisticated argument. Well done, Kitty, for going above and beyond and standing up for what you believe in! It was the highlight of my year so far!'' Nominated by Mrs Readey. Awarded 10 House Points
Class of the week: 9L RS Class. ''For their engagement with their learning in RS, including researching elements in their own time and making ‘edits’ linked to the resource we are using.'' Nominated by Mrs Stinton-Brownbridge

Other nominations:

Student of the week

Esther, 9AWT. For stepping up at the last minute to cover the library desk in Miss Harris’ absence. Nominated by Miss Harris.

Class of the week

10C French Class. ''For working brilliantly with Mrs Randell, when I was away.'' Nominated by Mrs Carter

7L German Class. ''For being brilliant, on the ball and engaged, despite it being p5!'' Nominated by Mrs Carter