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Chinese Club celebrate the end of the Autumn course

This week saw the end of the Chinese club Autumn course, students celebrated with homemade Chinese themed food and traditional Chinese folk dancing. 

During the Autumn Term, students who signed up for the Chinese club have been learning how to read, write, speak the Chinese language and appreciate Chinese culture, philosophy, dance, calligraphy and much more. There was calligraphy on authentic rice paper with a special Chinese brush and food to sample, as well as the chance to practice a few folk dances.

To celebrate the end of the Autumn course, students took the dance floor once again and performed their traditional folk dancing and took over their kitchen's to make delicious homemade Chinese food for a 'bring and share' session. Dishes ranged from homemade Chinese dumplings, braised pork, fried noodles to spring rolls and desserts. As part of the course students learnt basic Chinese cooking and the characters of the main ingredients. Watch this space for more food 'bring and share' events for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

For those wanting to sign up for the Spring term course (starting in January 2022) updates on how to apply will be published later in the week.